Asbestos detoxifying technology that achieves cost reductions and labor safety

Reduce costs and improve labor safety through asbestos detoxifying treatment

Reduce costs and improve labor safety through asbestos detoxifying treatment

JP Conference offers the most advanced technology that causes asbestos to swell and moisten simply by spraying it with our chemical agent, thereby enabling the asbestos to fall away naturally. The traditional method of removing asbestos involved a significant labor cost, and there was also concern regarding labor safety. The method used by JP Conference makes conventional building demolition possible without asbestos removal.

On this page, we explain our asbestos detoxifying technology that achieves cost reductions as well as labor safety.

What is asbestos detoxifying treatment?

Minute needle crystals of asbestos enter the organs of the human body such as the lungs, and induce health damage through inhalation. While asbestos itself is chemically inert and therefore has no toxicity, the shape and fineness of its crystals pose a risk.

JP Conference delivers asbestos detoxifying treatment simply by spraying the asbestos with our chemical agent, thereby transforming its characteristic needle crystals. Almost 90% of the asbestos used in Japan is made from chrysotile, most of which contains less than 4%/weight of chrysotile. By applying our treatment, it is possible reduce it to less than 0.1%/weight.

  • アスベストの無害化とは?
  • アスベストの無害化とは?

Three advantages of our asbestos detoxifying technology

Advantage 1Substantial cost reductions

Substantial cost reductions

The traditional method requires the removal of asbestos by hand. It also involves a significant cost, since it is necessary to carry out the final disposal in compliance with the law. When detoxifying treatment is applied, the asbestos swells and moistens, and then falls away naturally. This means that it is easy to remove it by high-pressure washing and to dispose of it as industrial waste.

Once removed, it is possible to follow the conventional flow of demolition work, enabling substantial cost reductions in asbestos treatment. The cost of asbestos treatment is typically around 45,000 yen per square meter. On the other hand, our detoxifying treatment costs around only half or one-third of this.

Advantage 2Labor safety

Labor safety

To spray the chemical agent required for asbestos detoxifying treatment, we use a machine operated by remote control. It is possible to carry out detoxifying treatment without requiring workers to enter the space, thereby substantially reducing the risk of asbestos inhalation during operation. The risk of injuries such as falls has also been reduced, because our operation does not require any work in high places.

Advantage 3Shortening of time taken for work

Shortening of time taken for work

We do not remove asbestos individually by hand. Instead, we spray our chemical agent onto the asbestos so that it swells and moistens, and then falls away naturally, enabling it to be removed through high-pressure washing. This helps to substantially reduce the time taken for the work. While the conventional method requires around three months from notification until the completion of removal, our asbestos detoxifying treatment only requires around one month on average.

JP Conference also deals with refractory ceramic fiber (RCF)!!

JP Conference also deals with refractory ceramic fiber (RCF)!!

We also deal with RCF, which was added to the list of Specified Chemical Substances (Class 2 Substance) in November 2015. RCF is widely used in pipes at plants. While the traditional method required plant operation to be halted before carrying out detoxifying treatment, our treatment can be carried out by covering the relevant section with a plastic sheet, even while the plant is in operation. It is therefore possible to remove RCF without lowing the rate of operation.

JP Conference also provides technical support to contractors wishing to carry out treatment themselves

In addition to carrying out the work, we also sell our chemical agent to those wishing to carry out asbestos detoxifying treatment themselves, and provide assistance such as technical advice. Please feel free to contact us.